The Gift of Giving: How to make giving back an effortless part of daily life
11 17, 2021 News, Giving

The Gift of Giving: How to make giving back an effortless part of daily life

Sometimes it takes a big event—like the pandemic, or the East Troublesome Fire—to help us see how much we need each other as a community, and how much every gift, donation, or volunteer hour can make an impact. Sometimes it's just the warmth of the holidays and the gratitude it stirs in us that prompts us to give.

However, giving is something that can enrich not just others' lives but also our own lives every single day. Studies have long shown that giving makes us feel good. Helping others raises our endorphin levels, reduces our stress, and promotes longevity.

Here's how to make giving a regular part of your daily life.

Get to know the impact of your giving. 

Writing a check can feel meaningless when you don't understand how or where your funds are used. But when you realize that you're helping plant trees on a burned mountainside, filling a hungry child's backpack with nutritious food for the weekend, or helping a small business keep its doors open, then donations become more rewarding and meaningful. The Grand Foundation annual report outlines in detail how monies are spent and what that support looks like in the community.

Start small and be consistent. 

Gifts don't have to be monumental to be impactful, and in fact, giving more regularly increases the feel-good effects of giving. A weekly gift of $5 can add up to a substantial gift in a year for many of our smaller organizations and funding initiatives.

Make it automatic.

Digital wallet apps like Paypal as well as automatic and online banking options make giving easy and painless. Regular contributions make it easier for organizations to count on and receive funds without hosting costly fundraisers or expensive marketing initiatives. You can set up a regular monthly donation to the Grand Foundation here.

Consider non-cash gifts. 

If your plan for giving is about leaving a legacy, the Grand Foundation can help create lasting change with your gifts of old life insurance policies, real estate, and other assets. 

Share your passion. 

We tend to share generously in support of causes that are meaningful to us personally. Whether it's a love of open spaces, independent businesses, the arts, or helping kids and families thrive, you can support those specific passions by making a restricted gift with the Grand Foundation to earmark your donation.

Re-think what giving looks like. 

You don't have to take out your checkbook to give gifts that make an impact. Donating goods or items, volunteering your time, attending a charity event, or even buying a Grand Pass (with access to skiing, golfing, summer activities, and more) all help support the Grand Foundation.

Reflect with gratitude. 

Reflecting with appreciation on all the good in your life will impact your generosity—grateful people have been shown to be more helpful, kind, supportive, and altruistic. Start and end your day by jotting down just three things you are grateful for in a notebook and your sense of wellbeing and altruism will soar.

Don't save giving just for certain times of the year or major events—tapping into our generous nature not only improves our community and the lives of others but our own lives as well. For giving opportunity ideas, visit our giving page.

  • The Gift of Giving: How to make giving back an effortless part of daily life
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