A Lifeline During Difficult Times: The Grand County Emergency Assistance Fund Continues
09 18, 2020 News

A Lifeline During Difficult Times: The Grand County Emergency Assistance Fund Continues

When 2020 began, most of us had no idea of the hardships, stress and changes it would bring to our friends and neighbors in Grand County. As challenges remain ongoing, the Grand Foundation has recommitted to funding the Grand County Emergency Assistance Fund to provide a permanent source of relief and assistance to those who need it most.

A Bold Idea

It seems like all of us either faced scary questions like these, or know someone who has:

  • How will I pay my rent or mortgage?
  • What will we do if my work hours are drastically reduced?
  • Is there a way to help my child with all the stress and sadness he/she is experiencing?

As the pandemic took hold, the Grand Foundation asked, What did our community need? What changes could we make to provide relief, right now?

We knew it needed to be collaborative, emergent, and within reach of our most vulnerable residents.

So with $185,000 the Grand County Emergency Assistance Fund was created. Due to the fund’s overwhelming success, we’ve decided to make the fund permanent, seeding with an additional $20,000, and 100% of all dollars raised will go back to our community.

The fund provides help during times of emergency, such as the pandemic and our current wildfire threat, and work in coordination with the county, local agencies and nonprofits that provide direct services to those who need urgent assistance.

How We Can Help

The fund has provided critical assistance to our vulnerable populations, including youth, seniors,  the disabled, people with underlying health conditions, displaced workers and at-risk populations.

We can help provide resources such as:

  • rent assistance
  • mortgage assistance
  • help with utility bills
  • groceries/food access
  • education support
  • behavioral health

How You Can Change Lives in Grand County: Donate

Are you in a position to help your more vulnerable neighbors in Grand County? Your gift doesn’t just help folks in crisis—it builds community.

Your donation will help local families keep their homes, stay warm and safe, put nourishing meals on the table, and get through a difficult time so we can all thrive together. If 100 people donate just $100, we will have enough funds to help families in need for months to come.

100% of all funds go right back out to our community, and any amount helps us continue our work.

Help Grand County Now

  • A Lifeline During Difficult Times: The Grand County Emergency Assistance Fund Continues
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