Opportunity for Youth fund

The Opportunity for Youth Fund (OYF) was established to provide financial assistance to young people whose families’ financial means do not allow them to pay for activities for which the young person has earned the right to participate. Additionally, the fund has the discretion to selectively undertake other worthy causes. Philosophically, those causes would need to benefit youth. OYF is required to make donations to 501©(3) charitable organizations.

Competition Center now has it's own fund, please go to the Competition Center Athlete Support Fund.

October 1st
January 1st
April 1st
July 1st

These organizations in turn ensure that the awarded youth’s needs are met in accordance to the application.

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What It's Accomplished
In the nine years of the funds existence, financial assistance has been granted to youth who have participated in student trips to Costa Rica, France and Washington DC. Grants have been for scholarships to brain bowl, athletic activities, clinics and camps. Grants were made to assist in registration for AP testing. In addition funds have been given to the East Grand School District for smaller needs, such as activity fees.

Grant Guidelines

  • Any awarded funding is paid directly from the Fund to the organization providing the activities and or services. The Fund cannot pay individuals directly.
  • If an applicant receives duplicate funding for a request, the Fund monies must be returned.
  • The Fund is not in the practice of providing assistance more than one time in a calendar year however, if there are extenuating circumstances we encourage you to apply for funding. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • No funds will be used to participate in any political campaign, on behalf of any political campaign, or on behalf of any issues or candidates.
  • Requests for activities or programs already completed will not be considered for funding. (The Fund cannot reimburse for fees or programs.)
  • The advisory committee will make a decision upon completion of committee meetings and all applicants will be notified of funding decisions. Any changes to the approved grant request must be discussed and reviewed with the committee prior to any use of granted funds. Notifications of approvals and/or declines will be given within a month of the application deadline.
  • The committee looks for commitment from either the parents and/or guardians for a portion of the total cost of the activities/programs.
  • Requests not following the Application Requirements and Fund Guidelines will not be considered for funding.
  • Applications and Data are confidential and only reviewed by Grand Foundation staff. All tax information is shredded following a grant cycle.
  • Application Deadlines are the 1st day of the months of January, April, July and October.

The application should be submitted according to the instructions on the application form. Questions should be directed to Megan Ledin at the Grand Foundation — 970-887-3111, Ext. 3