Competition Center Athlete Support Fund

The Competition Center Athlete Support Fund, administered by the Grand Foundation, was established through a donation from the Winter Park Ski Education Foundation and the Grand Foundation’s G.A.P. and Opportunity for Youth Funds to support the training of athletes in programs offered by the Winter Park Competition Center. The Fund provides both merit and need based support to athletes to develop lifelong enjoyment of mountain sports and help them reach their potential. For some, this may include fulfilling their dreams of becoming a world-class competitor or Olympic champion.

Winter ~ September 15th     
Summer ~ June 1st


Funding Guidelines

Program grants are based upon need, inclusive of income, family dynamics and unforeseen circumstance. Program grants are provided on a sliding scale for family income up to $150,000 and must be applied for prior to the start of each program season. Total grant will not exceed the amount of program fees, but please note that all expenses are included in consideration for the grant amount calculation.

Merit based support is awarded regardless of income for elite level athletes based on athletic performance and/or costs associated with travel required to compete on the global stage. Merit based support is awarded at the discretion of the Fund.

Grand Foundation staff is available to assist with completing the application. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or help: or call 970-887-3111 Ext. 2.

  • Any awarded funding is paid directly from the Fund to the organization providing the program and/or services. The Fund cannot pay individuals directly.
  • If an applicant receives duplicate funding for a request, the Fund monies must be returned.
  • The Fund will accept applications up to twice per year per athlete, once for summer programs and once for winter programs.
  • Requests for programs already completed will not be considered for funding. (The Fund cannot reimburse for fees or programs.)
  • The Fund will consider travel expenses associated directly with program expenses in considering the level of program support provided.
  • The advisory committee will make a decision upon completion of committee meetings and all applicants will be notified of funding decisions. Any changes to the approved grant request must be discussed and reviewed with the committee prior to any use of granted funds. Notifications of approvals and/or declines will be given within a month of the application deadline.
  • The committee looks for commitment from either the parents and/or guardians for a portion of the total cost of the program being supported. Total program cost submitted must EXCLUDE the parent volunteer work deposit and reflect tuition less any discounts or other funding received.
  • Requests not following the Application Requirements and Fund Guidelines will not be considered for funding.
  • Applications and Data are confidential and only reviewed by the Grand Foundation. All tax information is shredded following a grant cycle.