Grand County Housing Assistance Fund

The Grand Foundation and the Leadership for a Sustainable Community Committee have partnered to create the Grand County Housing Assistance Fund. This collaborative effort came into play after identifying needs in the community for economic sustainability. We ultimately targeted the housing issues that face the residents of Grand County. We feel these projects align with the County’s goals in establishing efforts to address housing shortages, diversify employment and economic revenue sources, and to improve our community’s infrastructure. The Fund is housed as a Designated Fund of the Grand Foundation and is designed to provide housing assistance to eligible applicants.

Deadlines each year
August 31st
December 1st 
February 27th 
May 31st

The Fund aims to help full-time residents successfully live and work in Grand County. Applicants will be prioritized upon economic need.

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Grant Guidelines

  1. Funding for applicants will be prioritized upon economic need. 
  2. This Fund supports full-time residents only.
  3. Funding will be considered to include but not limited to, members of the Grand County workforce and Grand County families. As defined by the Grand County Housing Authority. An applicant is considered to be a member of the Grand County workforce if they work 32 hours a week or 1600 hours a year in a job located within boundaries of Grand County. New residents will be considered for assistance if they have employer sponsorship in writing.  If there are any questions about whether a job is qualified, please contact Megan Ledin at .
  4. Individuals should be applying for assistance in the form of rental assistance, and or down payment assistance for home purchases.
  5. Individuals should be applying for assistance in the form of rental assistance, move-in assistance (i.e. first or last month’s rent), and or down payment assistance for home purchases.
  6. If applying for Down Payment Assistance, applicant MUST work with the Grand County Housing Authority prior to submitting application to fund.  This includes but is not limited to applying for GCHA Down Payment Assistance Loan.
  7. This Fund will be used specifically for housing assistance by providing applicants with direct payments to their housing providers.
  8. This Donor Advised Fund of the Grand Foundation will not participate in any political campaign on behalf of any issues or candidates.
  9. If an individual receives duplicate funding for a request, the Housing Assistance Fund monies awarded must be returned.
  10. Distribution of funds will be made to the housing providers as the funds are needed and requested.  Special circumstances may apply.
  11. Requests not following the Application Requirements and Fund Guidelines will not be considered for funding. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  12. Request for prior monies due for housing assistance will not be considered for funding (i.e. back rent). 
  13. An advisory committee will make funding decisions based on economic need and upon completion of committee meetings all applicants will be notified of funding decisions.  Please realize that it takes several days to reach all individuals. 
  14. All funding decisions by the committee are to be considered final.  Any changes to approved grant requests must be discussed and reviewed with the committee prior to any use of granted funds.
  15. Applicants can only apply once annually.

The application should be submitted according to the instructions on the application form. Questions should be directed to Megan Ledin, at 970-887-3111 ext 3 or or Sheena Darland, Operations Manager, Grand County Housing Authority at 970-725-3071 or