East Grand Education Fund

The East Grand Education Fund (EGEF) supports schools within the East Grand School District (EGSD). EGEF encourages EGSD teachers that are actively seeking funding for their classrooms and or school projects that are not in the budget of the district.

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East Grand Education Fund was established to support teachers and schools in the East Grand School District (EGSD).

It is the mission of the Fund to support projects or programs that are new and innovative or that enhance the current curriculum. If possible the committee would like to see projects or programs that help foster relationships between the school and the community.

Grant Deadlines

The East Grand Education Fund is undergoing a reorganization for the 2023-2024 academic year, which may impact the grant process.  EGEF is not currently accepting Letters of Interest.  Details will be updated when available.

Grant Guidelines

To be eligible to apply or receive funding a Letter of Interest must be submitted to the EGSD prior to the grant deadline.

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The Fund does not support the following requests:
Teacher training, conferences, programs that take place outside the school district, requests that are not written by teachers in the EGSD, principals, and school staff, transportation, furniture and fixtures, and technology (outside of software).

Include the following data/information

  • A complete, carefully written description of proposed project: why it is important and why it should be funded.
  • The targeted need. Indicate purpose rather than end product.
  • What is the scope of the project?
  • The objective(s) and state specifically the desired result.
  • How project will enhance core curriculum, emphasize innovative teaching and learning and (if applicable) foster partnerships between the school and community.
  • The type and size of target population.
  • The scope of the project, an actual work plan for the project in outline form, the activities and possible partners.
  • Completed budget (please list all requested expenses for the project).
  • Evaluation measures.
  • EGEF encourages, but does not require, funding through P.A.C., public service organization, Recreation Districts, etc. The Fund does require an explanation as to why the district is or is not funding the project.

Applications are ineligible and will be returned if they:

  • Do not include original signatures on application form.
  • Do not include all of the above information.
  • Are handwritten.
  • Are incomplete.

Submit completed applications to Grants Depatment, at info@grandfoundation.com

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