Brammer Family Fund

The Brammer Family Fund (the Fund) was established to provide financial assistance to Grand County residents and their families who are affected by cancer. Funding is decided based upon need, inclusive of income, family dynamics and unforeseen circumstances. The Brammer Family Fund will partner with other Grand County Organizations that currently provide these services and subsidies within the county: (Grand County Rural Health Network, Mountain Family Center, etc.)

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Traci Brammer, a longtime friend, employee of the Town of Winter Park, avid softball player, wife, mother and all around great individual, passed away on March 9, 2014 after a long battle with cancer.

Before she passed she asked us, her friends, if we could make sure we support other locals suffering from this dreadful disease. In the spirit of Traci’s lust for life, we created a fund in memory of Traci and her courageous fight. We look to aid others with similar afflictions through his Fund.

Grant Guidelines

  • Any awarded funding is paid directly from the Fund to the organization providing the cancer related services and or partnering entities. The Fund cannot pay these awards directly to any individual.
  • If an applicant receives duplicate funding for a request, the Fund monies must be returned to the Grand Foundation to go back into the Fund.
  • No funds will be used to participate in any political campaign, on behalf of any political campaign, on behalf of any issues or candidates, or any illicit behavior or activity.
  • Requests for travel, services, fees, programs, or any other related expenses already completed will not be considered for funding.
  • The advisory committee will make a decision upon completion of committee meetings and all applicants will be notified of funding decisions. All decisions by the committee are to be considered final. Any changes to the approved grant request must be discussed and reviewed with the committee prior to any use of granted funds. Notifications of approvals and/or declines will be given within a month of the application deadline.
  • The committee mandates monetary commitment from the individual, parent or guardian for a portion of the total cost of the expenses.
  • Requests not following the Application Requirements and Fund Guidelines will not be considered for funding. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The application should be submitted according to the instructions on the application form. Questions should be directed to Megan Ledin at the Grand Foundation — 970-887-3111, Ext. 3